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Safe spaces to enjoy the countryside with your four legged friends!


Dogs have always been at Holly Lodge Farm; Jack Russells, Weimaraners, Cocker Spaniels, Border Terriers and now a Norfolk Terrier – Basil! We have lots of space and great walks on our doorstep, but with new puppies to train and bring up, we ventured to our local training classes and found that many people are frustrated with the lack of space where they can take their dogs off their leads and let them run free, hence Holly Lodge Dog Fields was born!

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Secure Dog Paddocks

The paddocks at Holly Lodge provide areas where many different dogs can practice their training, feel safe and secure from other dogs or simply run free with the wind in their ears. In order to provide all of our customers with the full amount of time that they have booked, we offer 1 hour sessions in the field. This hour includes a full 50 minutes of play time and 10 minutes at the end of the session for owners to clear up any toys, pick up after their dogs, hose down any muddy paws and vacate the car park in time for the next customer. We ask this of our customers so that everybody has exclusive use of the paddocks.

Our Paddocks

The dog paddocks were created to provide safe spaces for dog owners to come and enjoy the countryside with their four-legged friends, without the worry of other dogs or people. The purpose-built fields are the perfect place to bond with your furry friends.

The paddocks are located on our farm just outside of Alconbury, Cambridgeshire. Click the link below for our location.

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North Paddock

North Paddock is a secure three-acre field which offers a small wooded area, a large tree for plenty of shade in the summer months and lots of fun obstacles for training your dog.

We also have a big log pile and tyre stack for the pawfect snap of your pooch.

South Paddock

South Paddock is a secure six-acre field which offers a large, more open space for endless zoomies and running!

We have a large mound in the middle for beautiful 360° views of the Cambridgeshire Countryside.

South Paddock offers a great space for dogs that love to run free with their pals!


Both North and South Paddock contain the below added extras! We are open during daylight hours every day with seasonal variations!


Our base price for both our North and South Paddocks is £10 per hour for up to 2 dogs plus £1 per additional dog - if you would like to book our paddocks for 10+ dogs please contact us. Dog Walkers, Trainers and Behaviourists - please contact us via email for business rates.


Up to 2 dogs


per hour


3 dogs


per hour


4 dogs


per hour


10 + dogs

contact us



contact us

💔 Happy Hump Day fellow flooooofs! 😍

Who’s excited for the weekend?! Meeeee! 🙋🏻‍♀️ North Paddock is green again - ish!! 

Some stormy skies last night but still no 🌧☔️ 

Please do take care in South Paddock as we do have cracks in the ground…when will this drought be gone? 🥵 We’re looking out for the rain over here….anyone seen it?! 🙏🏼

Thank god the heat is disappearing though! Back to normal hours and a busy dog field 🙏🏼

We’ve missed seeing you all! 🐶 Ladies and Gentlemen

Fortunately it seems that everyone is being very sensible with the doggos in this heat, however we wanted to just post a little reminder…

Due to the heat we will be denying access to the fields between the hours of 12pm and 5pm over the weekend.

Please if you would like to come early or late over the weekend do get in contact with us to arrange 🙂🐶 Thanks so much for all the tags and posts of all your wonderful doggos in the fields today! 

We lovvveee seeing all the doggos living their best lives! Keep tagging and we will share everything we can! 🥰☀️ Sunday mornings…the best time for a natter with friends! 🐶🐶🐶

@happyhourforhounds Beagling about into the weekend! 🐶🐶 

Thursday is the weekend right?! #tongueouttuesday 😝

Just a little note to say if you have a reactive doggy or want a very quiet session please book our SOUTH paddock for this week 👍🏼

We have got a summer camp taking place in our training centre and our harvest is in full swing so North paddock is slightly noisier than normal 🙂 

Thank you! 🐶 Ladies and Gentlemen 

🚭 Please may I remind everyone at this incredibly vulnerable stage of harvest that Holly Lodge is a NO SMOKING site 🚭

We are seeing a massive increase in crop fires this year therefore please be responsible and do not smoke near our fields.

Anyone caught smoking on site will be asked to leave immediately

Thank you
Holly Lodge Additions additions! 

There’s now a nice big tunnel for games in our South Paddock! 

Cue picturesss please! 📸

P.s can someone do a dance to the rain gods to save our grass please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thank goodness we are the other side of that heatwave! 🥵

We hope everyone stayed safe and kept their doggos cool! 

We are back open as normal from today 7am-7pm 🥳

Let’s pray the weather stays sane for a while 🙏🏼☀️ ***CUSTOMER UPDATE***

Due to the extreme weather warning issued for Monday and Tuesday of next week we have decided to deny access to the fields between the hours of 10am and 6pm. 

Sessions will show available on the website but should anyone book these we will contact you to reorganise.

If you would like to come earlier in the morning or later at night we will be allowing access from 5am and until 10pm in our North Paddock only.

Please text Emily on 07384812208 if you would like to book these hours.

Thanks and stay safe in the heat 🐶☀️ Beautiful North Paddock 🥰☀️ 📣 Customer Notice 📣

It looks to be a glorious week ahead, but not for doggos!! 

Whilst we hugely encourage not to walk your dogs in the midday sun and hot conditions, we are struggling with the amount of last minute cancellations.

Please, please, please give us 24 hours notice to rearrange a session, you can see it is going to be hot for the next 10 days.

I hate to do this but sadly after this weekend any bookings cancelled under 24 hours notice will not be moved or refunded.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the sunshine! ☀️ The weekend is here 🥳 

The perfect time for a meet up with friends…all shapes and sizes 🥰😍

📸 @happyhourforhounds @dogmanchester We know it’s been rather hot the last few days…if you take a look at the weather and think it’s too much for your doggos then do let us know and we will move your booking for you…👍🏼☀️ 

A wee reminder though…please give us 24 hours notice 🙏🏼 True summer vibes this evening in North Paddock 🐶

The golden glow is just beautiful 🤩 ***Customer Info***

Please note that this Sunday 12th June @walkieshollylodge and @hollylodgecafe will be ❌CLOSED ❌ to the public due to the @thetourofcambs 

We will be completely closed to the public for the whole day. We will be open as normal Saturday 11th June and from Monday 13th June onwards

Thank you and happy Wednesday!
#happyhumpday🐫 The sunshine is back! ☀️

Thank goodness after the last few days! 

These two pals are happy as Larry in North paddock! 🐶🐶 #bff Are you ready for the summer?! We are!! 🍨🍦🏖

Introducing @judesicecream newest stockist of Dog Ice Cream! 

If you’re stopping in at @hollylodgecafe over the summer be sure to get your pooch a nice treat too! 🐶🍦 We’ve been a little radio silent over here at Holly Lodge as we’ve welcomed a new addition to the family! 

Buuutttt…we’re back! And we’ve not stopped working to make Holly Lodge the best it can be for our lovely customers, we’ve got lots coming your way! 

Over the summer we are going to be expanding, the location for the new paddock is a little further a field than Holly Lodge itself and we hope to bring you the details soon!

We also want to hear what obstacles you’d like us to add to the paddocks? Comment below with suggestions! 

Happy Tuesday 🙂💖 North Paddock with a fresh trim ✂️ 👌🏼 A favourite pic of ours from @happyhourforhounds ! 

We might be biased but borders and spaniels are the best 👀🤭 

What’s your favourite breed? Happy Bank Holiday furrrends 😍

The sun is shining and we can’t wait to see you all! 🐶

📸 @happyhourforhounds On the look out 👀 


What our customers say

Photo of Jane “Janski Jane” Corin Jane “Janski Jane” Corin

Rating: 5 out of 5 3 months ago

“I did not go to the cafe but stopped while on the tour od Cambridge bike ride. Had the best slice of cake it was wonderful, thank you so much. Also great service on Sunday, thank you so very much from a very tired cyclist.”

Photo of Lorna Johnstone Lorna Johnstone

Rating: 5 out of 5 5 months ago

“Looking for a secure, safe place to take your dogs for a good long run, Holly Lodge Farm is the place to go. Make sure you book abit in advance as the slots fill up fast due to popularity. My dogs love it here and we will always come back. Reasonably price too!! def better than other fields half the size with poor ground too that charge more money for multiple dogs”

Photo of tanya jarvis tanya jarvis

Rating: 5 out of 5 11 months ago

“Great place to be able to let your dog off , two big enclosed fields to chose from, clean and well maintained great security, we also have a organised meet here once a month with all the local beagles , I cannot recommend them high enough”

Photo of Diane Bayles Diane Bayles

Rating: 5 out of 5 a year ago

“Perfect place to let the dogs run free. Secure fields, even the most determined dog could not escape. Can't wait to visit again.”

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 Read all reviews (127)