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Our rural arable & beef farm in beautiful Cambridgeshire


Our arable and beef farm has been producing the best of British crops and beef for four generations. William Warrener first came to Holly Lodge in 1948 and since then the farm has been run as a family partnership, moving down through 4 generations until most recently William’s Great Grand-daughter Emily joined the business. Holly Lodge Farm is split across four separated areas of land surrounding the main farm just outside Upton, Huntingdon.


Holly Lodge farm has traditionally grown a rotation of Winter Wheat, Oilseed Rape and Barley. However, recently we have explored different arable rotations including Oats and Beans. We are constantly evaluating our farming practices to keep up to date with our ever-changing industry. The future looks bright with a big focus on how we can farm in a more environmentally friendly way. Farming in an environmentally friendly manner is very important to all of us at Holly Lodge and the farm is already a part of management schemes that incorporate areas for wildlife to thrive. We want to drive our environmental focus forward over the coming years so we can farm at Holly Lodge for another 4 generations! Keep an eye on this page and our blog posts to find out more.


Geoff (third generation of the Warrener family) has a passion for his cattle and has produced top quality British and Continental breeds at Holly Lodge for over 30 years. Our cattle are fed on homegrown silage, British potatoes, and homegrown milled wheat whilst they are in their cosy yards over winter, and once out to grass in the summer months they graze on ancient pastures. Once fattened Geoff’s cattle are sold to retailers such as Morrison’s and Waitrose. We pride ourselves on producing happy cattle that have a great quality of life and first-class husbandry, as we believe that this provides our customers with the best quality end produce.

Everything we love to see in our fields 😍

Happy dogs, happy humans 🐶

📸 @johndalston  @dogmanchester Gorgeous gluten free Victoria Sponge 🍰

It’s soooo good! Trust me! Yummy scrummy Cherry Bakewell 🍒 On the look out for friends! 

Who's excited for the weekend!? 🥳

📸 @johndalston Dillllyyyyyy dog 🐶 @_ralphythelabradoodle doing the biggest zoomies everrr! 💨💨

📸 @johndalston @dogmanchester Perfect weekend treat? I think so! 🍋 This weekend special visitor! 

It’s BACK! Raspberry & White Chocolate Cake 🍰 

Grab it while you can! Which way is the weekend?! 👀 Let the sun shine let the sun shine ✨ ☀️ What do you meeeeean it’s home time….anyone else get this look when they say it’s time to go?! 

😂🥰😍 Boooooooop 👃🏻❤️ 🥕Cake Jammie Jammie Jammie buns 😍 Our paddocks are all about doggos and their friends meeting up for a run! 

We just love seeing pics of all your pooches enjoying our fields. We set out to please them everyday with the spaces we provide and it’s ❤️ warming to see them enjoying it! 

Thank you! Our favourite little fur bear Daisy 😍

Her ears make our ❤️ melt!! Galaxy Cookie Dough Millionaire 🍪 Our scrumdiddlyummppcious Hummingbird Cake 😍 

Banana, pineapple, spices….deeeeelicious 🤤

Available tomorrow 👍🏼 Tongue out Tuesday at Bassingbourn! 👅 Our handmade Honey & Mustard Scotch Eggs 🍳🥚 Nobody can get through the weekend without some chocolate 🍫 in their life….

Our rich, velvety Chocolate cake is just the one! I don’t post many personal things on here as I love our page to be all about the wonderful doggos that use our facilities, however this morning my 10 month old son hopped off my lap and curled up next to my 10 year old Border Terrier and had a snuggle! 

When I was pregnant we were worried how Oscar (the dog) would react to a new human, but to our surprise they have become best pals and it makes my ❤️ happy! 

Who else’s doggos have a special bond with their kiddos? Mint Aero Rocky Road…there’s something about the gooey marshmallows in Rocky road, isn’t there?! Vegan 🌱 Biscoff Brownie, delicious 🤤 🐰 my what big ears you have! 😍🥰 Cookie cups cookie cups, nommmmmm 🍪 Just 😍 beautiful! Our gorgeous Lemon Cake is back this week! Looking as glorious as ever 😍🍋 Locally produced Red Onion Marmalade and Spiced Cranberry Jelly 🧅

The perfect accompaniment for any toasted sandwich, stocked at our cafe! Run like the winnnnndd 💨 Did you know we now stock gorgeous locally produced honey 🍯 

Come and check it out! Biiiiiiig skies 😍 the evenings are getting lighter 🥳 Oreo cookie pie 🍪 Layers 😍 buttercream 😍

What more can you want! Best friends enjoying our Bassingbourn Paddock 😍

Did you know we’ve opened a new site in Bassingbourn - near Royston! 

You can book now! Link in bio 🔗 Extra Jammie, Jammie Dodger Blondie 😍 Our gorgeous Millionaire Shortbread is always a favourite at the weekends! 

Come and grab it while you can!

We’re open til’ 4pm! ⭐️ Who’s feeling the lovvvveee? ❤️

As it’s Valentine’s Day next week we thought we’d celebrate early with this gorgeous Victoria sponge cake with ❤️❤️❤️ It’s back Ladies and Gents! 

Chocolate Guinness Cake! Yummmmmmmm! A fabulous review for our Bassingbourn Paddock 🥰

Thank you! French Spaniels galore!! 

Don’t forget we can host breed days for any breed in all of our fields! 

We have a Beagle meet on the first Sunday of each month via Peterborough Beagles! 🐶 Our delicious Aero Rocky Road 🍫 is back in our traybake selection! Follow the leader leader leader, follow the leader 🥳

Checking the perimeter at our Bassingbourn paddock! 

Did you know our fences are just over 5ft high and made from tornado horse fencing meaning even the smallest of our visitors can’t escape! 

#safeandsecure #SafeAndSecure #securedogfield #securedogfields #securedogfieldsofinstagram #securedog #securedogwalkingfield #securedogwalking #securedogpark #securedogrun Our classic coffee and walnut cake 🍰 A not so frosty North Paddock! ☀️🕶️ Beautiful sun at Bassingbourn 😍 Pork and pickle pie 🥧 Thank you for the awesome review 🥳🙂 Our signature Cherry Bakewell 🍒 is the perfect treat for a Saturday cycle! 🚴🏼🚴🏻‍♀️ Our Star ⭐️ bake for this week! 

Chocolate Fudge Cake 🍰🍫🤤 

We only have one and when it’s gone it’s gone! They’re back! Nutella Cookie Cups 🍪 

Limited stock only! Labrador days 🐕‍🦺 Brrrrrrrr 🥶 

But look at those skies 😍 North Paddock being beautiful! When the wind catches your locks just perfectly 💨 Catch me if you can! 

Such amazing pics - thank you Sue! We are so lucky to have such talented customers! 📸 Friday friends day in North Paddock! 🐕🦮🐩🐕‍🦺

Who’s meeting up with their furry friends this weekend? 

We’ve got sessions available in our Bassingbourn paddock, click the link in our bio or below to book!

What our customers say

Photo of Jane “Janski Jane” Corin Jane “Janski Jane” Corin

Rating: 5 out of 5 9 months ago

“I did not go to the cafe but stopped while on the tour od Cambridge bike ride. Had the best slice of cake it was wonderful, thank you so much. Also great service on Sunday, thank you so very much from a very tired cyclist.”

Photo of Lorna Johnstone Lorna Johnstone

Rating: 5 out of 5 11 months ago

“Looking for a secure, safe place to take your dogs for a good long run, Holly Lodge Farm is the place to go. Make sure you book abit in advance as the slots fill up fast due to popularity. My dogs love it here and we will always come back. Reasonably price too!! def better than other fields half the size with poor ground too that charge more money for multiple dogs”

Photo of tanya jarvis tanya jarvis

Rating: 5 out of 5 a year ago

“Great place to be able to let your dog off , two big enclosed fields to chose from, clean and well maintained great security, we also have a organised meet here once a month with all the local beagles , I cannot recommend them high enough”

Photo of Diane Bayles Diane Bayles

Rating: 5 out of 5 a year ago

“Perfect place to let the dogs run free. Secure fields, even the most determined dog could not escape. Can't wait to visit again.”

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 Read all reviews (151)

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