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*Coronavirus Update – 12/05/2020*

Holly Lodge Dog Field

Based on the update from the Government on Sunday 10th May we have made the following changes to the rules for using Holly Lodge Dog Field that will be effective from Wednesday 13th May.

You may now travel to the field irrespective of distance from your household to exercise your dog. You may also meet up at the field with ONE other person from another household providing you apply all social distancing measures. Please ensure that if you are meeting one other person in the field that you travel to the field in separate private vehicles as per Government advice.

We must stress that the field and car park are strictly for exclusive use only. This means that you should wait outside the car park until the previous customer has left the field and car park. This is not only to support the social distancing measures but also for the safety and welfare of all dogs and owners visiting our field.

Summary of Rules:

  • You may visit the dog field with ONE other person from a different household – social distancing MUST be adhered to
  • You may travel to the dog field irrespective of distance from your house
  • You may still visit the dog field with members of your own household
  • Please follow government advice on hand hygiene
  • Please follow government advice on social distancing
  • If you show ANY symptoms of COVID-19 please DO NOT travel to the field

For more information please contact us on 07384812208

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment, if you arrive and see a car in the car park or somebody using the field please remain outside the gate. This is of the UTMOST importance as the previous client’s dog(s) may need space from either you or your dog(s)!

Please contact Lucy 07384 812208 if you have a special request or need to bring more than 10 dogs.


Up to 2 Dogs

£10 per hour

3 Dogs

£11 per hour

4 Dogs

£12 per hour

More than 10 dogs

Please call us to make an arrangement

Dog Walkers/ Trainers/ Behaviourists

Please contact us via email for business rates or call Lucy/Emily 07384 812208


Opening Times

Daylight hours every day. This will vary with the seasons.

Please note at the moment there are no toilet facilities at the field.