Dog Field

About Us

Dogs have always been at Holly Lodge Farm; Jack Russells, Weimaraners, Cocker Spaniels, Border Terriers and now a Norfolk Terrier – Basil! We have lots of space and great walks on our doorstep, but with new puppies to train and bring up, we ventured to our local training classes and found that many people are frustrated with the lack of space where they can take their dogs off their leads and let them run free, hence Holly Lodge Dog Field was born!

The field provides an area where many different dogs can practice their training, feel safe and secure from other dogs or simply run free with the wind in their ears. In order to provide all of our customers with the full amount of time that they have booked, we offer 1 hour sessions in the field. This hour includes a full 50 minutes of play time and 10 minutes at the end of the session for owners to clear up any toys, pick up after their dogs, hose down any muddy paws and vacate the car park in time for the next customer. We ask this of our customers so that everybody has exclusive use of the field.


The secure dog field is a new venture for Holly Lodge Farm to encourage dog owners to come and enjoy the countryside and time with their four legged friends.

Our Offer

Secure 3 acre walking field

Holly Lodge Dog Field is a secure three-acre field which offers a small wooded area, a large tree for plenty of shade in the summer months, lots of fun obstacles for training your dog and a fully stocked toy bin!

Fresh Water & Cleaning Facilities

The fenced car park is accessed by a coded automatic gate. There is fresh water for dogs to drink, a hose pipe and hard standing area for you to clean your dog after your session, and a toilet for the pawrents!

Waste Bins & Poo Sacks

Waste bins and poo sacks are available for you to clear up after your pooch. We are currently working on a more environmentally friendly poo recycling project in order to help us use waste in a positive way.

Expansion Planned

In the future we are looking to expand the amount of secure fields available at Holly Lodge, incorporating an indoor area for wet day play! There will also be new toys and obstacles for dogs and customers to enjoy in our larger field.

Treat your dog now!

Walking your dog is so much more than just a way of exercising. It stops him or her from getting bored and it’s a great behaviour training opportunity. Anticipate your dog’s needs and treat them to some fun in the field.